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Aircraft Services

Our efforts to control the spread of Covid 19

In order to minimize the risk to our guests and team members Celtic Air Services has implemented sanitization procedures utilizing the latest in technology. Our public spaces are sanitized daily using fogging devices with VitalOxide solution ensuring that surfaces are not contaminated with any virus including Covid-19 and other surface contaminants. We also have social distancing measures in place in indoor spaces.

Cabin Disinfecting

​We’re now offering a Fogging Service for the interior of all aircrafts along with your transportation. This service disinfects all surfaces of SARS, CoV-2 (Covid 19) and more.

This service is approved by Health Canada (DIN: 02422654) and the US EPA (# 82972-1)

Cabin Grooming

With the help of our professional grade cleaners, let our staff take care of the interior cleaning of your aircraft once your clients are safely en-route to their destination.

Our Lounge

Nova Scotian’s are known for their hospitality, so we’re going to make sure we start your trip off the right way and we’ll be outside waiting with warm homemade cookies for you when you get off the plane. Then you will be welcomed into our air-conditioned lounge where you can enjoy a refreshing beverage, check your email with our free Wi-Fi, use our clean washroom facilities and more.

Shuttle Service

We have our own shuttle service onsite to assist with all of your travel needs. Please contact our staff to schedule your travel times.


We’re ​available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. So when you need to get going, we’ll be here to get you fueled up and on your way.

Gourmet Aircraft Catering

Let us arrange your authentic East Coast catering, with fresh local meats, seafood and produce.


We’ll make sure you’re parked safe and sound on our apron for the length of your stay

Aircraft Towing

Our tug can safely navigate aircraft up to 55,000 pounds to and from it’s parking spot without the need of running your engines. We’re here to make parking and fueling a whole lot easier

Lavatory Service

Let us look after emptying the lavatory tanks on your aircraft.


Even though most locals don’t even bother to lock their doors, you may feel differently about your aircraft. Well we have staff onsite 24 hours a day and additional security services are available.

Air Conditioning

Local’s will tell you that we can experience all four seasons in one day here in Cape Breton. On those hot days, let us cool down the cabin before you arrive for your flight and for those cool days, we know you will appreciate your warm surroundings.

Ground Power

Let us get you plugged in so that you can shut down that APU and reduce your fuel burn.

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